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How to Improve Performance Wordpress Sites

How to Improve Performance WordPress Sites

Good, let’s discuss something to improve the performance of wordpress sites, keep in mind this is only for sites with CMS WordPress course 😀 . There are several things that need to be noticed to improve the performance of your WordPress site.

How to Improve Performance WordPress Sites

How to Improve Performance WordPress Sites

Then, why do we have to improve site performance? Site loading speed is very influential for the smoothness of your site, because if your wordpress site is slow, of course visitors will immediately leave your wordpress sites.

Such as Server / Hosting you are wearing, Images that are too heavy, and too many wordpress theme script heavy use, it will greatly affect the fast or slow your wordpress site.

Servers, Shared Hosting, VPS, etc. Here I would recommend three services Server / Hosting that you can use,

Both the server service, which I use for several wordpress sites belong to me, please if interested you can visit the link above.

Image size (file) is too large will be bad for your WordPress site

You should compress your images before you upload to your wordpress site, due to compress the image, the speed of your wordpress site will increase, this is a factor that greatly affects the speed of your wordpress site.

If you can not compress the image, it’s not a difficult thing, There is a solution to deal with this, there are some tools that you can use to compress large images, without loss of resolution and the beauty of the image.

Compressed Images compressed using online sites that

You do not have to worry about the quality of the image, your image quality will remain good.

There are other ways to compress your image, using one of the free plugins are:

Smush Image Compression and Optimization

Although the plugin is free, but it was enough to compress images, plug-in will automatically compress your pictures when you upload the image to your wordpress site.

Using a cache plugin

Here I will not explain what it was (cache) ?. I assume we all know that, essentially using cache plugin, wordpress site performance will be faster, because the data is loaded from the cache, so that visitors will feel how quickly your wordpress site.

Frankly benefits of this plugin is very unusual, there are two free plugins that I recommend are:

Both plugins above is free, it means you do not need to pay to use it: D. If you do not want settings that are too difficult, then I recommend using WP Super Cache.

Hopefully some of the above can improve the performance of your wordpress sites.

Before You Ask How To Create Wordpress Themes

Before you ask, How To Create WordPress themes?

There are a lot of people who want to know, How to Create a WordPress Theme? , But many of those who want an instant way without coding, without the knowledge of HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript, se rule in making wordpress theme itself, then put on Software generator wordpress themes, Hi friends, is the way that I think is absolutely wrong, and I am sure you will not be a great wordpress theme developer.

Before You Ask How To Create WordPress Themes

Well let’s think, How could someone be able to make a wordpress theme that is worth what when they walkin have basic knowledge of these skills?

So a few things you need to prepare before you can create WordPress themes, at least you should know the basics of some of these areas of expertise:

  • CSS
  • PHP
  • Javascript
  • And an understanding of the WordPress Codex regulations

So how can you make a wordpress theme?

If you master the basic knowledge of the things that I mentioned above, chances are you can create a WordPress theme.

Is not there a tutorial that can be followed, from the beginning to the end?

Maybe there is, you can try doing a search on google and quite a lot of them are on the tutorial for free, but for the moment I can not give a tutorial how to create wordpress theme, because I was very busy, and preparing the tutorial so take a long time.

A basic knowledge of CSS, HTML, PHP, and JavaScript are very important in making wordpress theme, you should really learn the skill.

Where you can learn and gain basic knowledge of CSS, HTML, PHP, and JavaScript?

You can learn at W3Schools for free, it is the first place I gain knowledge.

And where can I get knowledge of the rules wordpress theme?

You can find out in the WordPress Codex. There are very a lot of knowledge there wordpress theme.

I was confused to follow the WordPress Codex?

If you are still confused, use WordPress Theme Framework, there are lots of wordpress theme framework that you can use, some developers also use wordpress theme wordpress theme framework to make projeknya, and this is the quickest and most effective way if you want to make a wordpress theme.

Some Framework free wordpress theme:

There are several benefits if you can create a theme wordpress, you can sell it, that’s right, if wordpress theme that you create has design and functions were awesome, you can sell wordpress themes make, you can sell wordpress theme itself or elsewhere as Themeforest , CreativeMarket etc.

I’m sure you can make an awesome wordpress theme.

Thank you for your visit.

Smart Ways Choosing Wordpress themes

Smart Ways Choosing WordPress themes?

Choosing a WordPress theme with Intelligent, Most people think design wordpress theme what is suitable for their site, this generally happens when you begin to make a wordpress site or when they feel that they should be updated site design.

As the development of WordPress CMS, wordpress theme developers always building and adding new innovations that can increase the performance of wordpress sites. They also continue to develop wordpress themes make it more useful and meet user needs wordpress theme.

As for users, they usually choose wordpress themes appropriate to the site they want. Users wordpress theme even get confused in choosing and setting up a wordpress theme, most of them frequently change the dressing theme, to find a decent wordpress themes for the wear.


Smart Ways Choosing WordPress themes


There are some things you should think about before determining WordPress Themes:


1. Choosing wordpress themes to match your site.

It is important, when you are planning to create a website with wordpress, first determine wordpress theme design that you want it, you can make your wordpress site has good performance when the user access.

It’s very difficult, in fact a lot of WordPress themes available in this world, and you’ll pretty much a waste of time to choose, advice (Select wordpress theme is minimalist and does not slow when accessed).

Because wordpress themes also affect the loading speed of your site.


2. Buying wordpress theme, or wear a free wordpress theme.

There are two types of themes that you can choose, for free or for a fee.

If you have enough money, I suggest buying a wordpress theme.

And of course it is very much different, given the features of a premium wordpress theme are more than the free wordpress theme.

Support from the developer of premium wordpress theme is very helpful when you are having difficulties, most of them very quickly respond to user complaints purchased wordpress theme.

For a free wordpress theme, there is no harm in also choose a free wordpress theme, the support of a free wordpress theme can also be found on the website forum wordpress theme, there are a lot of people asked calmly problem themes that they use.


3. Choosing WordPress Theme Design.

Back again to the category of your site, the design that you use should match your wordpress site.

If you create a site with blogging category that contains the articles, find a suitable theme for the purpose of the article.

If it is you can wear Firnera, Firnera is a wordpress theme is minimalist and very suitable for the purpose of publishing articles collected in one site.

You as a user wordpress theme also have to understand the various features described before you use wordpress theme, of course there are the details before you buy wordpress themes, descriptions and other themes.

Premium wordpress theme is usually accompanied with complete documentation on how to use the theme.

Design theme is good, is a lightweight design and is not messy, too much navigation is also not good, choose a design that naturally you can please your site’s users.

Selecting a theme that supports custom colors, so you can change the colors of the site, according to your wishes.


4.Choosing a responsive wordpress theme

Today, most wordpress theme created by developers with a responsive layout, so you do not need to worry about this.



Whatever wordpress theme you choose, it is an important thing that will be the backbone of your wordpress site, an excellent wordpress theme to be able to bring much more joy than the user experience on your site.

WordPress theme that fits the needs of your site, and make sure every feature of Existing on the theme can work, do some testing.

For the purposes of my own blog wear clean theme and standards for the purposes of blogging, because I hanyamenulis articles for publication.

The theme of luxury, it does not matter, as long as it has a fast loading theme.

There are several places where you can find or buy a wordpress theme:

Thanks 😀 .

If New First Time Blogging you Important Things You Should Know

If New First Time Blogging, you Important Things You Should Know!

Here I do not mean to patronize you, but let us share the experience together, There are some important things you should know if it has just started blogging, The important thing about a blog that I will present is derived from my experience in the activity of blogging, although I have not so understand how blogging is good, but with a little knowledge I have may be useful to you.

There are some important things that I want to tell you, if you are the first time to build a blog and want to make money from your blog, here are some that:

Determine a favorite category you for your Blog Content

If New First Time Blogging you Important Things You Should KnowIt helps you build a blog that has a category that is in harmony with the heart and your skills, do not think to earn money from blog quickly, you should think about is feeling happy while building a blog from scratch, by determining the category that you like, you will be able to to create a variety of content to the topics you have mastered, this will also make you feel happy and sincere in blogging, continued to write and you will see the results.

Choosing Domain, Hosting and CMS right.

This I have explained in my previous article on some blogging tips for beginners, I myself prefer wordpress for CMS, because it is easy to use. Some Ways Choosing Domain Names

Choose a good design and Responsive

You can choose from thousands of wordpress theme are ready to be used to build your blog and it is free, select wordpress theme that is not too complicated, meaning select a theme that is mediocre, not too many colors or images, so visitors to your blog can easy and fast when visiting your blog.

Use Google Webmaster

Google Webmaster very useful for your site, in the world of blogging, this is a thing that must be done, because by registering your site to Google Webmaster, your site can get an index both by Google, your site will be quickly indexed by Google, and you can find out what happened on your blog site, of course using Google Webmaster, this tool is very helpful and I have long been used for years, and besides, this tool is free.

Focus on content, and continue to share useful content

As everyone knows that, useful content will always be needed by many people, so you should make useful content, and such content should last a long time, so even though you rarely update your blog with new content, the Content long you’ll constantly in search of people, because your content is really good and useful, here I affirm that content Is King.

Looking for reference on other people’s blogs

It’s very important, because it is not possible 100% writing the content you create is your work, for it is in need to find some references in other people’s sites, with the insight you will open wide, because many take knowledge of other people’s blogs, but still do not forget to include a reference link their blogs in your content, it will establish our harmony.

In addition you can also provide some comments to their articles, it would add to friendship in the blogging world, and fortunately it again to you and put your website in the comments.

Creating a social media page of your blog

It is also important, because the fact is, almost all people in this world have a social media profile, whether it’s Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, etc. Therefore this is the right way to promote your blog, so that your blog was more crowded in the flooded visitors, making social media pages pretty easy and of course its free.
Maybe that’s it, I can give as an adjunct to you if you have just started creating a blog, you need to remember is to keep thinking about content that is interesting and useful, because the content will also be beneficial for your back. Good luck 😀 .

SEO Techniques for your blog

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is very important for blogs, there are some Techniques To Improve search engine displays your blog in the first rank of search engines, but most of them need to realize that the most important is a useful content, As we all we realize that the content Have the main source of visitors.

We are all aware that the blog is a favorite choice for knowing an important information being sought by visitors, even a blog has great benefits for visitors, visitors will also be happy if what they are looking for on your blog.

Keep Focus on your blog, especially also the content that you share, because to get a lot of visitors you have to do is create content as well as you can, which of course you share content should contain benefits in search of others.

There are a few tips to increase the presence of your website in search engines:

  • Looking for ideas himself / Be yourself among the many competitors
  • If you run out of ideas, then look for reference materials on other blogs.
  • Never copy someone else’s article, but make other people’s content just be your reference.
  • Know what it takes visitors through the comments given by visitors
  • Trying to share better content

Internal links within your blog it is actually important?
Most of them may assume the internal links are not important and just focus on the development of external links here and there, even by way of spam, you need to realize is to build an internal link is a very important thing for the development of SEO blogging, because the internal links are always very and always effective in turning visitors on your web page, and this is a requirement to assist in achieving better rankings in the search engines, and even become the first rank in the search engines, build internal link is also very easy and not difficult even for beginners, such as adding some tags on posts if you use WordPress, and also added a related post, or it could be a long post to add links into your new post, Internal links can also make your visitors stay longer on your blog.

SEO Techniques for your blogKeywords

Absolutely, the keywords must add in the article or your content, and this is helping your blog indexed by search engines, but please pay attention not to overdo add keywords, as it can destroy the balance between content and keywords in your blog , so act wisely in adding various keywords for your content, because the Keyword is a factor that greatly affects the SEO of your blog.


Focus on the top search engines

Stay focused on some of the top search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo, because most of the world the visitors taking the search engine to look for information.

You must understand how search engines work browse your blog, favorite search engines often share a special tool for your blog, you can register with Google Webmaster, Yahoo, and Bing Webmaster to know how the search engine crawl your blog, and also to accelerate the blog you indexed by the search engines, and it is for sure is this is a basic SEO techniques that you must understand.

In addition to some of the techniques above, you can understand more if you ask an SEO expert, you know. So you can optimize search engine to browse your blog.