If New First Time Blogging you Important Things You Should Know

If New First Time Blogging, you Important Things You Should Know!

Here I do not mean to patronize you, but let us share the experience together, There are some important things you should know if it has just started blogging, The important thing about a blog that I will present is derived from my experience in the activity of blogging, although I have not so understand how blogging is good, but with a little knowledge I have may be useful to you.

There are some important things that I want to tell you, if you are the first time to build a blog and want to make money from your blog, here are some that:

Determine a favorite category you for your Blog Content

If New First Time Blogging you Important Things You Should KnowIt helps you build a blog that has a category that is in harmony with the heart and your skills, do not think to earn money from blog quickly, you should think about is feeling happy while building a blog from scratch, by determining the category that you like, you will be able to to create a variety of content to the topics you have mastered, this will also make you feel happy and sincere in blogging, continued to write and you will see the results.

Choosing Domain, Hosting and CMS right.

This I have explained in my previous article on some blogging tips for beginners, I myself prefer wordpress for CMS, because it is easy to use. Some Ways Choosing Domain Names

Choose a good design and Responsive

You can choose from thousands of wordpress theme are ready to be used to build your blog and it is free, select wordpress theme that is not too complicated, meaning select a theme that is mediocre, not too many colors or images, so visitors to your blog can easy and fast when visiting your blog.

Use Google Webmaster

Google Webmaster very useful for your site, in the world of blogging, this is a thing that must be done, because by registering your site to Google Webmaster, your site can get an index both by Google, your site will be quickly indexed by Google, and you can find out what happened on your blog site, of course using Google Webmaster, this tool is very helpful and I have long been used for years, and besides, this tool is free.

Focus on content, and continue to share useful content

As everyone knows that, useful content will always be needed by many people, so you should make useful content, and such content should last a long time, so even though you rarely update your blog with new content, the Content long you’ll constantly in search of people, because your content is really good and useful, here I affirm that content Is King.

Looking for reference on other people’s blogs

It’s very important, because it is not possible 100% writing the content you create is your work, for it is in need to find some references in other people’s sites, with the insight you will open wide, because many take knowledge of other people’s blogs, but still do not forget to include a reference link their blogs in your content, it will establish our harmony.

In addition you can also provide some comments to their articles, it would add to friendship in the blogging world, and fortunately it again to you and put your website in the comments.

Creating a social media page of your blog

It is also important, because the fact is, almost all people in this world have a social media profile, whether it’s Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, etc. Therefore this is the right way to promote your blog, so that your blog was more crowded in the flooded visitors, making social media pages pretty easy and of course its free.
Maybe that’s it, I can give as an adjunct to you if you have just started creating a blog, you need to remember is to keep thinking about content that is interesting and useful, because the content will also be beneficial for your back. Good luck 😀 .

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