Some Tips Blogging Beginners

Some Tips Blogging Beginners

When we talk about the world of blogs, there are some blogging tips for beginners, basically a blog is very helpful to us, and the benefits of blogging is that we can share and also make money.

But when you have just started to plunge in the world of blogging, there are some things you should know about how to build a good blog, the following points are the things that you need to apply in the beginning of your blogging activities.


Choosing a domain for your blog, for tips on choosing a domain I have discussed in (Some Ways Choosing Domain Names).


Choosing Hosting proper, just a suggestion that I can recommend to you is, wear Hawkhost or Hostgator hosting.

CMS WordPress

Choosing a CMS that suits you, in some cases I suggest to use WordPress as the CMS is easy to use and also a lot of variety of free features that can help ease the activity of your blogging, WordPress is the prayer of the CMS at its best, and a lot of the writers who use wordpress blog.

WordPress Theme

Choose a Responsive WordPress Theme, mobile friendly and not too slow, you’re one of the thousands of WordPress themes, which you can use for free.

Some Tips Blogging Beginners

Focus on one topic that you like

You should be able to focus on a wide variety of articles just on one topic that you like, why? because you are blogging in this way will make you not bored-bored to always create articles for your blog, if you like about the world of technology, then you should make a blog about technology and tips interesting information about the technology.

It will really help you, especially if you are a beginner in the world of blogging, by setting the first topic of talks, and add a little extra you can create a blog useful, otherwise it if you can freely write an article in your blog, because it has the topic you enjoy doing, and you like.

Be yourself !

Be yourself, never imitate others, with the style of your writing, you can build a blog that is crowded and also generate a lot of money from your blog, but do not focus on money, focus on the articles you write, believe you can certainly useful for other people, and you certainly can make a masterpiece.

Publish Article Every Day!

It’s very important, that’s right you should frequently to write an article in your blog, this may be too difficult for you, but if you get used to write every day about the topic you like, you will get used and will not be lazy to write the article.

In addition to the blog you will get ranked in the search engines, if your blog is frequently updated, on the other hand visitors will also be happy because you write articles every day, and will visit your blog frequently, or may try to contact you to advertise on your blog.

If your blog already crowded then that is when you rake advertisers, and you start making money. read = Getting Money from Blog Activity

hat’s some blogging tips for beginners that I can share with you, if anybody need to ask please comment, if the master blogging There are reading this article, do not forget to add your insights in the comments field also been provided below.

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