Terms of Service

Ninja-armory.com, is a site where we deploy a variety of content, such as pictures, articles, videos etc. would be a lot of people who visit this blog, for which visitors must adhere to some rules of ninja-armory.com, so the atmosphere is comfortable and safe site, it’s for the good of us together:

  • Perhaps you read and enjoy a variety of content available on Ninja Blog
  • A variety of content such as pictures or writings on this website is the result of our hard work, or there is any part of referenis another blog, even if there is a piece of content such as pictures or text, then We will provide a link to a reference source that content.
  • You should never give any comment, just do not be pornography, drugs and gambling, because we will not accept such comments, and we will not publish.
  • If you take the content of Ninja Blog, then you must provide a link such content as the source of the article to your site.
  • If your mind and feel something is not right in the content that we publish in Ninja Blog, so please contact us via the Contact Page.
  • Remember you may not spam, or hack.

You must comply with all the rules in Ninja BLog, while enjoying a variety of content that we publish :D.