How to Improve Performance Wordpress Sites

How to Improve Performance WordPress Sites

Good, let’s discuss something to improve the performance of wordpress sites, keep in mind this is only for sites with CMS WordPress course 😀 . There are several things that need to be noticed to improve the performance of your WordPress site.

How to Improve Performance WordPress Sites
How to Improve Performance WordPress Sites

Then, why do we have to improve site performance? Site loading speed is very influential for the smoothness of your site, because if your wordpress site is slow, of course visitors will immediately leave your wordpress sites.

Such as Server / Hosting you are wearing, Images that are too heavy, and too many wordpress theme script heavy use, it will greatly affect the fast or slow your wordpress site.

Servers, Shared Hosting, VPS, etc. Here I would recommend three services Server / Hosting that you can use,

Both the server service, which I use for several wordpress sites belong to me, please if interested you can visit the link above.

Image size (file) is too large will be bad for your WordPress site

You should compress your images before you upload to your wordpress site, due to compress the image, the speed of your wordpress site will increase, this is a factor that greatly affects the speed of your wordpress site.

If you can not compress the image, it’s not a difficult thing, There is a solution to deal with this, there are some tools that you can use to compress large images, without loss of resolution and the beauty of the image.

Compressed Images compressed using online sites that

You do not have to worry about the quality of the image, your image quality will remain good.

There are other ways to compress your image, using one of the free plugins are:

Smush Image Compression and Optimization

Although the plugin is free, but it was enough to compress images, plug-in will automatically compress your pictures when you upload the image to your wordpress site.

Using a cache plugin

Here I will not explain what it was (cache) ?. I assume we all know that, essentially using cache plugin, wordpress site performance will be faster, because the data is loaded from the cache, so that visitors will feel how quickly your wordpress site.

Frankly benefits of this plugin is very unusual, there are two free plugins that I recommend are:

Both plugins above is free, it means you do not need to pay to use it: D. If you do not want settings that are too difficult, then I recommend using WP Super Cache.

Hopefully some of the above can improve the performance of your wordpress sites.

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