Smart Ways Choosing Wordpress themes

Smart Ways Choosing WordPress themes?

Choosing a WordPress theme with Intelligent, Most people think design wordpress theme what is suitable for their site, this generally happens when you begin to make a wordpress site or when they feel that they should be updated site design.

As the development of WordPress CMS, wordpress theme developers always building and adding new innovations that can increase the performance of wordpress sites. They also continue to develop wordpress themes make it more useful and meet user needs wordpress theme.

As for users, they usually choose wordpress themes appropriate to the site they want. Users wordpress theme even get confused in choosing and setting up a wordpress theme, most of them frequently change the dressing theme, to find a decent wordpress themes for the wear.


Smart Ways Choosing WordPress themes


There are some things you should think about before determining WordPress Themes:


1. Choosing wordpress themes to match your site.

It is important, when you are planning to create a website with wordpress, first determine wordpress theme design that you want it, you can make your wordpress site has good performance when the user access.

It’s very difficult, in fact a lot of WordPress themes available in this world, and you’ll pretty much a waste of time to choose, advice (Select wordpress theme is minimalist and does not slow when accessed).

Because wordpress themes also affect the loading speed of your site.


2. Buying wordpress theme, or wear a free wordpress theme.

There are two types of themes that you can choose, for free or for a fee.

If you have enough money, I suggest buying a wordpress theme.

And of course it is very much different, given the features of a premium wordpress theme are more than the free wordpress theme.

Support from the developer of premium wordpress theme is very helpful when you are having difficulties, most of them very quickly respond to user complaints purchased wordpress theme.

For a free wordpress theme, there is no harm in also choose a free wordpress theme, the support of a free wordpress theme can also be found on the website forum wordpress theme, there are a lot of people asked calmly problem themes that they use.


3. Choosing WordPress Theme Design.

Back again to the category of your site, the design that you use should match your wordpress site.

If you create a site with blogging category that contains the articles, find a suitable theme for the purpose of the article.

If it is you can wear Firnera, Firnera is a wordpress theme is minimalist and very suitable for the purpose of publishing articles collected in one site.

You as a user wordpress theme also have to understand the various features described before you use wordpress theme, of course there are the details before you buy wordpress themes, descriptions and other themes.

Premium wordpress theme is usually accompanied with complete documentation on how to use the theme.

Design theme is good, is a lightweight design and is not messy, too much navigation is also not good, choose a design that naturally you can please your site’s users.

Selecting a theme that supports custom colors, so you can change the colors of the site, according to your wishes.


4.Choosing a responsive wordpress theme

Today, most wordpress theme created by developers with a responsive layout, so you do not need to worry about this.



Whatever wordpress theme you choose, it is an important thing that will be the backbone of your wordpress site, an excellent wordpress theme to be able to bring much more joy than the user experience on your site.

WordPress theme that fits the needs of your site, and make sure every feature of Existing on the theme can work, do some testing.

For the purposes of my own blog wear clean theme and standards for the purposes of blogging, because I hanyamenulis articles for publication.

The theme of luxury, it does not matter, as long as it has a fast loading theme.

There are several places where you can find or buy a wordpress theme:

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